My painting students make me proud :) #introtooilpainting

Dear musical universe please stop sending your emissaries to torture me. I can’t take it today.

Images thoughts titles memories tears moments, so much weight to bear. “Fatback Taffy” work in progress.

Working on a few new projects and I am in need of new subjects. All sizes, all ethnicities, all genders! Requirements = nudity &confidence!!!! inbox me if you’re interested in being a part of the work.

"I Am" a contradiction in being….
forever pulling apart at the seams.

I bury my self in work to quiet the voices, damn the tears, still the mind. Without it I would loose myself to myself.

Been wanting to do a sketch of this lovely woman for a while. Finally got around to it. @feministajones inspired by your words acts brains and beauty #twibnation

"Influence Eternal" an homage to the artist that opened my eyes to being an artist. Shipped and on it’s way to Prospectus 3 in New Orleans. Thanks @ayoscott for making me a part of this. Without your dad my life would have probably taken a very different path!

Earthtones with tints. #introtooilpainting red yellow and blue can make a million colors! (at Hyde Park Art Center)

Color wheel with tints. #introtooilpainting