Prepping for a Monday morning shoot. Gotta stay working to stay sane!

New materials testing today. Let’s see how this goes.

Frustration will make you drag a squeegee over stuff. Forgery day. #introtooilpainting (at Hyde Park Art Center)

It’s forgery day today #introtooilpainting (at Hyde Park Art Center)

Musical chairs!!!! (at Hyde Park Art Center)

Cloud gate selfie with the kiddies. Now we’re off to the art institute. (at Millennium Park)

My boy @theartistforever finally got me in the chair. I haven’t had another person cut my hair since 1996!!! (at Soulful Artistry)

Monday morning drawing time.

The crows caw seems to mock my inability to rest or even articulate the thoughts and feelings that have me in a state of unrest.

Looking for new faces and bodies. Inbox or DM me if your interested in being a new subject for some new work coming soon.