"I See You. You See Me. Wether We Want To Or Not" new addition to the #morethanamoment project.

"Alpha Company Soldier Boy" has a proud new owner. Thanks Raub!

TBT I gets off the bus like a bawse! circa 1992

One of the most beautiful women I know also happens to be one of my oldest friends. When we get together there’s always magic!

First few strokes in a new abstract series coming soon.

Working on a portrait for a friend/client. It’s always fun finding the colors in people. #procreate #digital portrait

Layout sketch for “Liono” thanks @alleyneart for the inspiration!!!

It’s been 21 years to the day, and these days I need him in my life more than ever. I miss you big brother!

First edits! Thank you @storiedevereaux you were awesome.

Prepping for a shoot with @storiedevereaux with makeup by @ceejaye_the_mua