Had a great morning of professional development on Saturday. Finally slowed down enough to share. (at South Side Community Art Center)

Still life number 2. Ready……set…….go! #anyonecandraw (at Hyde Park Art Center)

Today’s still life. Try it and share you’re results. #anyonecandraw (at Hyde Park Art Center)

It’s time to get printing!!!! New work coming soon. (at Blick Art Materials)

New cards done and complete with my secret embedded scent eau de art studio! (at Hyde Park Art Center)

In this country a woman on average makes 77¢ to the $1 of their male counterparts. Having a hard working wife and mother along with a daughter that has big dreams, this is unacceptable!!!! #equalpayday

I call myself a “practicing artist” for a reason! (at David Anthony Art)

the kids finished their mask portraits :) (at Hyde Park Art Center)

The little ones working out their African mask portrait designs. (at Hyde Park Art Center)

V103 house music all night long!